Machine learning, Deep learning and AI in CE (MDA)

Mission and Objective

The mission and objective of the IEEE CTSoc Machine learning, Deep learning and AI in CE (MDA) Technical Committee (TC) is to support the IEEE CTSoc activities with respect to machine learning (including deep learning) for embedded devices with power and computing constraints. The MDA TC is a cluster of engineers, practitioners, technologists, scientists, and researchers from Industry and Academia from around the world with the focus on attracting high-quality paper and journal submissions with respect to edge-computing-related machine learning and establishing a well-renowned technical stream and conference track.

The committee also assumes the proactive duty to recommend suitable candidates from MDA TC members to serve as:

  • Chairs and or Members of Technical Program Committees (TPC) of CTSoc Conferences (ICCE-Las Vegas, ICCE-Berlin, ICCE-Taiwan, ICCE-Asia, GCCEJapan, ISCT, and GEM).
  • EiCs, Associates Editors and Editors to CTSoc Publications (IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, IEEE ACCESS Section for Consumer Technology Society (Open Access), IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, News on Consumer Technology-NCT, CTSoc World Newsletter).
  • Distinguished Lecturers and tutorials for CTSoc Education.
  • Members of CTSoc Standards Committees and Working Groups.



Chair: Paolo Napoletano, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

paolo napoletano

Vice Chair: Alex James, Digital University Kerala, India

alex james

Secretary: Jalil Piran, Sejong University, South Korea

jalil piran

Other Officers 

Conferences Liaison: TBA

Publications: Liaison: TBA

Education Liaison: TBA

Standards Liaison: TBA

Future Direction Liaison: TBA

Industry Liaison: TBA

Academia Liaison: TBA

IEEE Societies/Councils Liaison: TBA

Technical Sister Societies Liaison: TBA

Student Competition Program: TBA



The members of the MDA CT are engineers, practitioners, technologists, scientist, researchers from Industry and Academia from around the world who have the same interest and working together on the development, research, and innovation of technical areas of Deep learning and AI for consumer devices. The current members of the MDA TC are listed here


Membership Application Form

To be a member of the IEEE CTSoc Machine learning, Deep learning and AI in CE Technical Committee (MDA TC), please fill the Membership Application Form.


Policies and Procedures (P&Ps)

The P&Ps approved by the BoG are available at this link. They cover aspects concerning the Technical Activities area and all the TCs. 


Meeting Dates & Minutes

The meeting dates & minutes of MDA TC can be found below. 

  • 1st 2021 meeting of MDA TC Members: March 3, 2021
  • 1st 2022 meeting of MDA TC Members: July 5th, 2022
  • 1st 2023 meeting of MDA TC Members: April 13th, 2023