Technical Talks

Overview and schedule

Building on the success of the series of talks organized in individual Technical Committees (TCs) over the last years, a new series of webinars has been launched: the Technical Talks of CTSoc. Every month, two of the 15 TCs will organize a 1-hour webinar, with the participation of two speakers representing their membership. Schedules is as follows (dates will be finalized month by month). Next webinar will be organized by the CCN and QCT TCs.


June, 26 2023 SMC CEA
July, 28 2023 SEA SPC
September 2023 CCN QCT
October 2023 ENT AVS
November 2023 CSH VAM
December 2023 IOT CPE
January 2024 HMI MDA
February 2024 MDT -



Webinars are recorded and are published with the consent of speakers and participating audience. 

June 26, 2023

The first webinar has been organized by the TC on Application-Specific CE for Smart Cities (SMC) and the TC on Automotive CE Applications (CEA). Recording is available at this link

  • Laavanya Rachakonda - University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA: "Smart Cities and it's Components"
  • Bernard Fong - Providence University, Taiwan: "Consumer Technologies in Micro Mobility"


lamberti slide  rachakonda slidefong slide


July 28, 2023

The second webinar is being organized by the TC on Sensors and Actuators (SEA) and the TC Security and Privacy of CE Hardware and Software Systems (SPC). Recording is available at this link.

  • Ali Mehrabi, International Centre of Neuromorphic Systems - Western Sydney University, Australia: "Intrusion detection on Autonomous Systems using Human brain inspired Spiking Neural Networks"
  • Kohei Tomioka - Science & Technology Research Laboratories, NHK, Japan: "Scene-adaptive Imaging Technology for Content Production in Immersive Media"

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