The Ibuka Technical Field Award

The IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Technology Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1987 to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of consumer electronics technology. It may be presented annually to an individual or team of up to three. It must be noted that the Ibuka award is an IEEE Field Award, not a Society Award.

Recipients of the Ibuka award can be found Here

See Ibuka Flyer Here


Distinctive Exemplary Industry Leader Award

This award recognizes a distinctive and exemplary industry executive whose leadership has made a significant impact globally and who has led preeminent and extraordinary advancements in consumer technology.

2022 Recipient: Mr. Tony Fadell - Click Here for Citation

2021 Distinctive Exemplary Industry Leader Award: Dr. George Perlegos (Founder of Atmel Corporation) - Click Here for Citation

2020 Distinctive Exemplary Industry Leader Award: Dr. Seok-Hee Lee (SK Hynix / President & CEO) - Click Here for Citation

2019 Recipient: Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon - Click Here for Citation


Corporate Innovation Leadership Award

This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated outstanding innovation and leadership in Consumer technology. The organization had also contributed to the IEEE Consumer Technology Society’s (CTSoc) service to the public and members.

2022 Recipient: Kneron, Inc. - Click Here for Citation

2021 Corportate Innovation & Leadership Award: Messe-Berlin GmbH - Click Here for Citation

2020 Corporate Innovation & Leadership Award: CTA - Click Here for Citation

2019 Recipient: Telus Communications - Click Here for Citation


Significant Achievement Award (established in 1998)

This award recognizes an individual who has at least five years of

significant contributions in consumer technology. Significant

contributions include (but are not limited to) developing progressive

technology, producing innovative products, patents, and publishing

distinguished articles in CTSoc Publications or other publications

related to the field of consumer technology. 

Recipients of the Significant Achievement Award can be found here.

Outstanding Service Award (established in 1993)

This award recognizes an individual who has distinguished and

outstanding service contributions for the benefit and advancement of

the IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) and its members.


Recipients of the Outstanding Service Award can be found here.


Chester W Sall Memorial Awards

These set of awards are to recognize the best papers published in the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. A 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place Best Paper Award is given and presented at the next ICCE. The Award consists of a plaque or certificate and a financial award.

Recipients of the Sall Award can be found here


Consumer Electronics Magazine (CEM) Awards

This award is presented to the best performing member of the editorial board awards. Read more here.

Conference Awards

The Society Conferences offers best paper awards based on audience judging of the oral or poster presentation. The awards are presented at the next conference.

Recipients of the Best Paper Awards can be found on each conference website.


TAB Awards

All the Society TAB awards are managed by the Society Awards Committee.The Committee membership is given here


Nominations for IEEE Awards

The IEEE Awards Program provides peer recognition to individuals whose contributions to the art and science of electro- and information technologies worldwide have improved the quality of life.

For nomination guidelines and forms, visit Questions? Contact IEEE Awards Activities, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA; tel.: +1 732 562 3844; fax: +1 732 981 9019; e-mail: