Future Directions Committee

The responsibilities of the Society Future Directions Committee (FDC) comprise:

  • Providing strategic vision and management of the technical content of CTSoc Conferences to guarantee timeliness and the highest level of technical content quality.
  • Overseeing and managing CTSoc involvement in external initiatives i.e., those originated from IEEE-level or multi-Society initiatives (e.g., IEEE TAB Future Directions Committee, IEEE New Initiatives Committee, IEEE Technical Communities, Multi-Society Technical Groups, and all IEEE Organizational Units).
  • Ensuring that CTSoc involvement is timely, relevant, within its Field of Interest, cost effective, and compatible with the evolution of CTSoc and IEEE.
  • Recommending to the BoG when to terminate existing initiatives, revise existing initiative memorandum of understanding (MoUs), and join or launch new initiatives.

FDC business shall be conducted in compliance with CTSoc Bylaws and Constitution.

The Future Directions Committee shall be composed of at least four and to a maximum of five members in addition to the Chair. The committee members are appointed by the FDC Chair and shall be CTSoc members. The VP of Technical activities is an Ex-Officio member of the FDC.

The FDC Chair is appointed by the President. He/she represents CTSoc in external relationships noted under the responsibilities above. The FDC Chair presents recommendations of the FDC to the BoG.

FDC can invite external advisors from industry or other societies to its meetings. The FDC reports to the VP of Technical Activities.

Current members of the FDC are as follows:

  • Fabrice Labeau (Chair)
  • Liang-Bi Chen
  • Rafael Sotelo
  • Himanshu Thapliyal
  • Raed Abdullah