Society Conferences Strategy Board (SCSB)


The Vice-President of Conferences is responsible for all aspects of Society conferences, symposia, workshops, tutorials, meetings, and conventions held as part of conferences, allherein referred to as “Conferences”, including Conference publications.

All Society conferences are overseen by the Society Conferences Strategy Board (SCSB) which is chaired by the Vice President of Conferences.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Society may hold Conferences on different aspects of the Field of Interest of the Society either as technical co-sponsor or as financial co-sponsor.

A formal proposal for any new Society Conference must first be approved by the SCSB. After approval by the SCSB, it is then submitted to the CTSoc Board of Governors (BoG) for final approval.

When acting as a sponsor of a conference, the SCSB will allocate resources as it sees in the best interest of the Society to fulfill its long-term strategic objectives.

Conferences must comply with all rules, policies, procedures, and ethics established by the IEEE (Policy #10), including Society approved operation policies and procedures with respect to conduct of the Conferences and its finances including all auditing and reporting functions. 

Members of the CTSoc Conferences Strategy Board (SCSB) are:

VP of Conferences, Nobuo Funabiki, Japan

Fabrizio Lamberti, Italy
Wen-Chung Kao, Taiwan
Branislav Djokic, Cabada
Kazuyuki KOJIMA, Japan
Stefan Mozar, Austrailia
Brian Markwalter, USA
Wahab Almuhtadi, Canada
Charlotte Kobert, USA
Lucio Ciabattoni, Italy
Jong-Moon Chung, Korea