Society Committee on Standards

The Society Committee on Standards (SCS) is responsible for standards projects that are relevant to the field of interest of the Society, and the liaison and coordination between the Society and IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA). This includes organization and management of Standards Committees and Working Groups recognized by IEEE SA.

SCS activities are guided by an Operations Manual that is also approved as an Annex to the CTSoc Policies and Procedures.


2023 Members


KF Tsang - Chair
Hong Kong

Brij B. Gupta
National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra

Gaëlle Martin-Cocher

Kim-Fung Tsang
City University of Hong Kong

Lei Wang


Standards Committees


CTSoc Standards Developing Community 


 CTSoc PAR report

A list of the current active Project Authorizations Requests (PARs) gives a view of the current standardization work of the society.  To join these activities or find out more, please contact the Stadnards Committee orWorking Group chair.