TA Membership Application Form

To become a member of one of the 15 IEEE CTSoc Technical Committees (TCs), please fill in the form below. 

Please note that, presently, one does not need to be an IEEE or CTSoc Member for being a member of a Technical Committee and take advantage of offered benefits. For more information on available opportunities, please check the TC Outcomes and opportunities page.

Please note also that, as per current version of Policies & Procedures regarding Technical Activities (TAs), even though it is possible to join more than one TC, active participation is required to maintain membership. 

Data collected through the form will be used solely for the purpose of processing your application. Application will be reviewed by the Officers of the chosen TC, who will also be responsible for sending out notifications. In case of a positive outcome, data collected will be used by the Officers who are responsible for the handling of the TC and of communications with its members.