Technical Activities

Technical activities in the fields of interest of CTSoc are promoted through Technical Committees (TCs) and the Future Directions Committee (FDC). 

After an initial building phase in which the Technical Stream Committees were created, on January 2021 CTSoc launched its Technical Committees

Currently, 15 Technical Commitees have been created, operating under the supervision of the Technical Committees Board and the guidance of CTSoc Vice President of Technical Activities, Prof. Fabrizio Lamberti.

The Technical Committees will:

  • Support Society technical activities in the areas of conferences, publications, standards, education, and history.
  • Investigate, evaluate, promulgate and foster current and emerging technologies and applications of interest to the Society.
  • Create additional Technical Committees for technologies of interest to the Society and conduct periodic and special technical meetings as directed by the BoG.
  • Support development of new cross-cutting initiatives in collaboration with other Technical Committees of the Society, and, as appropriate, with other IEEE Society/Council Technical Committees and IEEE organizational units.
  • Define new areas of technology focus and encourage formation of new initiatives through the Society Future Directions Committee (FDC).

For more information about Technical Committees and how to join them please visit the TC Membership Application Form (MAF) page.   

Details about results obtained so far and opportunities available for those willing to contribute can be found in the TC Outcomes and opportunities page.