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Mission Statement 

To educate, inform, and entertain our community of IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) members on technology, events, industry news, and general topics relating to consumer electronics and to further serve and support our Members in professional career development through tutorials and raising awareness of engineering tools and technologies.

We are proud to announce that the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (MCE), January Vol. 2, No. 1, won an Apex Grand Award for excellence in writing.The CE Magazine has been named the winner in the Regional 2016 STC Technical Communication Awards - Award of Excellence! The STC Technical Communication Awards is one of the most coveted award in technical communications. The CE magazine is indexed in Clarivate Analytics (formerly IP Science of Thomson Reuters).The current impact factor of CE Magazine is 4.5.


Magazine Description

The IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (MCE) is the award-winning flagship magazine of the IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) IEEE ( The magazine is published on a bimonthly basis and features a range of topical content on state-of-art consumer electronics systems, services and devices and associated technologies. Following is the persistent link of IEEE-MCE at the IEEEXplore:

The Magazine features regular sections devoted to standards, patents & IP matters, security & digital content, device tear-downs, and engineering software & design tools. In case of questions, please contact the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) Assoc. Prof. Norbert Herencsar at IEEE Author Portal URL for the submission of the manuscripts to IEEE-MCE is the following:


Aims and Scope

The scope of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine covers the following areas that are related to “consumer electronics and technologies” and other topics considered of interest to consumer electronics: Video technology, Audio technology, White goods, Home care products, Mobile communications, Gaming, Air care products, Home medical devices, Fitness devices, Home automation & networking devices, Consumer solar technology, Home theater, Digital imaging, In-vehicle technology, Wireless technology, Cable & satellite technology, Home security, Domestic lighting, Human interface, Artificial intelligence, Home computing, Video Technology, Consumer storage technology. Studies or opinion pieces on the societal impacts of consumer electronics are also welcome.  

Articles should be broadly scoped – typically review and tutorial articles are suited to the Magazine. Technical articles may be suitable but these should be of general interest to an engineering audience and of broader scope than archival technical papers. Authors need to target a broad engineering audience - specialized technical papers are generally too narrow in scope for IEEE magazine and should be submitted to the IEEE Transactions. Articles related to the background story behind engineering standards or practical experiences in product specification and design of mainstream consumer systems/devices are particularly welcome. Tutorials on CE related technologies or techniques are also strongly encouraged. Blogs or similar personal content from a Website can be adapted into an article as long as the author owns the original copyright, or the content is covered by a Creative Commons license, or equivalent. Please discuss with the EiC in advance of submitting an article. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine topics include, but are not limited to, the followings:

  1. Application-Specific CE for Smart Cities (SMC)
  2. Audio/Video Systems and Signal Processing (AVS)
  3. Automotive CE Applications (CEA)
  4. Consumer Communications Networks and Connectivity (CCN)
  5. Consumer Power and Energy (CPE)
  6. Consumer Systems for Healthcare and Wellbeing (CSH)
  7. Entertainment and Gaming (ENT)
  8. Human-Machine Interaction and User Experience (HMI)
  9. Internet of Things, Internet of Everywhere and Edge Computing (IOT)
  10. Machine learning, Deep learning and AI in CE (MDA)
  11. Quantum in Consumer Technology (QCT)
  12. Security and Privacy in Consumer Technology (SPC)
  13. Sensors and Actuators (SEA)
  14. Smartphone and Mobile Device Technologies (MDT)
  15. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse (VAM)


Author Guidelines

A manuscript submitted to the IEEE MCE must include a state-of-the-art consumer electronics/technology review and directly indicate its relevance to this field. Effective May 3, 2022 - manuscripts must be prepared in a double-column, single-spaced format using the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine template. Authors can download the NEW template for LaTeX and Microsoft Word from IEEE Template Selector, or the LaTeX template is also available on Overleaf. Manuscripts should consist of the followings: (i) A manuscript of minimum 6-page length: A pdf of the complete manuscript layout with figures, tables placed within the text, and (ii) Source files: Text should be provided separately from photos and graphics and may be in LaTeX or Word format. High-resolution original photos and graphics (300 dpi) are required for the final submission. Images embedded in Word or Excel documents are not suitable; however, figures and graphics may be provided in a PowerPoint slide deck, with one figure/graphic per slide.

The authors must own the copyright on any images, photographs or graphics or have obtained explicit permission for use of all such material when a third party owns the copyright. Alternatively, copy left images and materials may be used once the relevant license terms are complied with, including citations to the original source/author. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to demonstrate such compliance and document the corresponding license agreements (a URL is sufficient) in notes accompanying the submitted article. The authors should include a PDF file with a suggested layout of the article. Figure captions must be provided and ideally figures/graphics should be cited in the text of the article. An IEEE copyright form will be required.  

The manuscripts need to be submitted online using the following URL: The IEEE Author Portal will automate the generation of a single submission document if the authors have the correct files prepared in advance.


Guidance for AI-Generated Text

The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–generated text in an article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgements section of any paper submitted to an IEEE Conference or Periodical. The sections of the paper that use AI-generated text shall have a citation to the AI system used to generate the text.


Overlenght Page Charges

Articles exceeding 6 pages during author proof will be charged at US$ 250 per page for extra pages beyond the first allowed 6 pages. Similarly, the first allowed pages for Regular Column articles and Letters to the Editor is 3 pages, and for News items 2 pages. 


Call for Special Issue Proposals

The IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (IEEE CEM) of the IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) solicits proposals for Special Issues (SIs). Potential Guest Editors interested in organizing an SI are invited to submit their proposal in MS Word and PDF file formats to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief (EiC), Norbert Herencsar, via e-mail to Please see the detailed guidelines in the PDF file below. 

IEEE CEM Call for SI Proposals  


















Open Calls for Special Issue Articles

Adversarial Examples in CE:
Deceptive Threats to AI Systems 

Intelligent Blockchain on
Future Consumer Electronics 

Security and Privacy in 
Consumer Electronics
for Smart Cities 

IEEE CEM SI Adversarial Examples in CE Deceptive Threats to AI Systems3 IEEE CEM SI Intelligent Blockchain on Future Consumer Electronics
IEEE CEM SI Security and Privacy in Consumer Electronics for Smart Cities

 Articles Submission Due: 
April 1 May 30, 2024 @23:59 CET

 Articles Submission Due: 
June 15, 2024

 Articles Submission Due: 
July 1, 2024 


Edge Intelligence for Security
and Privacy in Consumer
Healthcare Systems 


GenAI Role in Consumer
Devices and Services


Intelligent Edge Computing
for Consumer Electronic Devices

IEEE CEM SI Edge Intelligence for Security and Privacy in Consumer Healthcare Systems IEEE CEM SI GenAI Role in Consumer Devices and Services IEEE CEM SI Intelligent Edge Computing for Consumer Electronic Devices

  Articles Submission Due: 
August 1, 2024  

 Articles Submission Due: 
August 15, 2024

    Articles Submission Due: 
September 15, 2024  


Closed Special Issues Since 1/2024

 Cognitive and Semantic
Computing for Enhanced User

IEEE CEM SI Cognitive Semantic Computing for Enhanced User Experience3

 Articles Submission Due:
March 1 April 30, 2024 @23:59 CET



Editorial Board




Herencsar Norbert
Norbert Herencsar (R8)
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic


Senior Associate Editors

Cheng Wen Huang Choo Kim Kwang Raymond El Saddik Abdulmotaleb Sabella Dario
Wen-Huang Cheng
‪Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
Dario Sabella
National Yang Ming Chiao
Tung University, Taiwan
The University of Texas
at San Antonio, USA
University of Ottawa,
Intel Corporation,
Associate Editors 
Sham Bruce Chamola Vinay Chen Yen Lin Dev Kapal
Bruce, Chiu-Wing Sham (R10) Vinay Chamola (R10) Yen-Lin Chen (R10) Kapal Dev (R8)
University of Auckland,
New Zealand
Birla Institute of Technology
and Science - Pilani, India
National Taipei University
of Technology, Taiwan
Munster Technological
University, Ireland
Dong Haiwei Farouk Ahmed Fu Jianlong Gai Keke
Haiwei Dong (R7) Ahmed Farouk (R7) Jianlong Fu (R10) Keke Gai (R10)
Huawei Technologies,
Wilfrid Laurier University,
South Valley University,
Microsoft Research,
Beijing Institute of
Technology, China
Grois Dan Hsiung Pao Ann Lamberti Fabrizio Lucena Jr 
Dan Grois (R8) Pao-Ann Hsiung (R10) Fabrizio Lamberti (R8) Vicente F. Lucena Jr (R9) 
Comcast Corporation,
National Chung Cheng
University, Taiwan
Politecnico di Torino,
Federal University of
Amazonas, Brazil 
Lv Zhihan Morra Lia Moustafa Hassnaa Mung Wai Yin Steve
Zhihan Lv (R8) Lia Morra (R8) Hassnaa Moustafa (R3)  Wai Yin, Steve Mung (R10)
Uppsala University,
Politecnico di Torino,
Intel Corporation,
The Education University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong
Pandi Vijayakumar Pepa Lucia Pescador Fernando Shojafar Mohammad
Vijayakumar Pandi (R10) Lucia Pepa (R8) Fernando Pescador (R8) Mohammad Shojafar (R8)
Anna University,
Politecnica delle
Marche University, Italy
Universidad Politécnica
de Madrid, Spain
University of Surrey,
United Kingdom
Shu Lei Smith Ned Sookhak Mehdi Sotelo Rafael 
Lei Shu (R10) Ned Smith (R6) Mehdi Sookhak (R5) Rafael Sotelo (R9)
University of Lincoln, 
United Kingdom; 
Nanjing Agricultural
University, China
Intel Corporation,
United States
Texas AM University-
Corpus Christi,
United States
Quantum-South & Universidad
de Montevideo, Uruguay
Velikic Gordana Yan Zheng Yu Chia Mu  Zhang Qingxue
Gordana Velikic (R8) Zheng Yan (R10) Chia-Mu Yu (R10)    Qingxue Zhang (R4) 

Vincula Biotech,
Republic of Serbia
Xidian University,
National Yang Ming Chiao
Tung University, Taiwan  
Indiana University-Purdue
University Indianapolis, USA 
  Frankston Bob Mattioli Michael  
  Bob Frankston Michael Mattioli, USA Goldman Sachs & Co., USA  


Past Editors-in-Chief

Yamaguchi Shingo Mohanty SarajuP Corcoran Peter
11/2021 - 12/2021 ‪7/2016 - 10/2021 1/2012 - 6/2016
Shingo Yamaguchi Saraju P. Mohanty Peter Corcoran
Yamaguchi University, 
University of North Texas, 
National University of Ireland,
Galway, Ireland


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