Industry and Standards Activity


What: The Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) has established an Industry and Standards Activities Committee (ISA Committee) that is chaired by the VP of IAS who serves at the pleasure of The CTSoc president. The current VP of ISA is Raed Abdullah ( and he welcomes input from CTSoc members and also from non-members among consumer technology industry stakeholders.

Background: Although CTSoc is a professional society consisting of individual engineers, we are mindful that most of our members are employed by consumer electronics stakeholder organizations. We further understand that satisfying the interests of the technical and non-technical leadership of these employers with respect to the professional development of their engineering employees is a mutual interest to our CTSoc member engineers.

 Mission: The CTSoc ISA Committee is charged with establishing ongoing relationships and continuous two way dialog with the technical leadership and general management of consumer electronics industry stakeholders who employ CTSoc member engineers. Such relationships designed to facilitate inputs from industry leadership with regard professional development priorities of their employees as well as identification of opportunities for CTSoc to engage in standards development efforts that will advance commerce and markets of consumer electronics products and services.

Strategy and Tactics: As a new committee of CTSoc, specific tactics are currently under development however the basic strategic framework calls for recruiting a representative cross section of industry technical and general management leadership to participate in an advisory council to our ISA committee. It is the hope that such an advisory council will provide identify priority technology topics for CTSoc treatment in its' publications, conference, educational activities, and standards sponsorship.

Goal: to have the CTSoc engage in tailored educational professional development and standards activities that further the interests of our member engineers and are also aligned with the interests of their employers.

 Standards Development: CTSoc is currently sponsoring or co-sponsoring a number of important standards development activities underway in IEEE's Standards Association (a sister organization under the IEEE corporate umbrella). For a list of such ongoing standards development efforts, please review our CTSoc Society Committee on Standards page. If you have an interest in participation in any of these efforts please contact the chair of the CTSoc Society Committee on Standards.