Educational Programs

Objective: To ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among professionals and to foster individual commitment to continuing education among IEEE CT Soc members, the engineering and scientific community, and the general public in the field of Consumer Electronics.

  • Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP)
  • Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP)
  • Educational Activities & Webinars (EAW)
  • Education Resource Center
  • Young Prodigies

Educational Activities

Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP)

The CTSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides a service to support the CTSoc Chapters ith high qualified distinguished lecturers specialized on various aspects of consumer electronics and to deliver technical seminars and workshops.

Call for Nominations

Please follow the guidance in the form and submit the nomination to DL Program Committee at:, by December 12. 

DL nominations Form




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Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP)

The CTSoc Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) provides a service to support the CTSoc Chapters. This DSP enables current and past distinguished lecturers as well as CTSoc officers, IEEE Fellows, and prominent speakers to schedule lectures while traveling on business trips at a much reduced cost to CTSoc.

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Educational Activities & Webinars (EAW)

CTSoc provides education and professional development via webinars, tutorials, and workshops. Webinars are provided with audio/video live presentation on consumer technologies, systems, products and services of current interest to CTSoc members, engineers, researchers, scientists, students, and general public.

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Young Prodigies

We are witnessing that young prodigies are on the rise in our society. The ICCE-Berlin has introduced one as a guest speaker with notable success. It was followed by the TIME magazine announcement of the first kid of the year. Thus, the educational activities established the Young prodigy activities; to help them thrive and help them benefit from the senior expert’s experience, and to help us raise popularity of the CTSoc among young generation, to keep up with the social trends, to understand the needs of young generations and plan activities that will be a good fit for the future young professionals.

The first Young Prodigy Chair is Alex Cooper. 

Alex Cooper is a coder for social good majoring in Applied Statistics at the College of William and Mary. She is the recipient of the RIT Computing Medal, the Stamps Scholarship, and the MITRE Corporation Spark Award. In her free time, Alex enjoys painting and writing music. You can reach her at or see some of her work at

"The IEEE Young Prodigies program exposes talented students from across the world to IEEE's mission. Students are selected by current IEEE members and undergo teambuilding, discussions, and education to promote the future generation of engineers. " Alex