Technical Committees

Technical Committees (TCs) are established to promote technical activities in the fields of interest of the Society and to position the Society as the leading technical organization for consumer technology professionals. Currently, 14 TCs have been created, listed below.

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Application-Specific CE for Smart Cities (SMC)

Audio/Video Systems and Signal Processing (AVS)

Automotive CE Applications (CEA)

Consumer Power and Energy (CPE)

Consumer Systems for Healthcare and Wellbeing (CSH)

Entertainment and Gaming (ENT)

Human-Machine Interaction and User Experience (HMI)

Internet of Things, Internet of Everywhere and Edge Computing (IOT)

Machine learning, Deep learning and AI in CE (MDA)

Security and Privacy of CE Hardware and Software Systems (SPC)

Sensors and Actuators (SEA)

Smartphone and Mobile Device Technologies (MDT)

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Displays (VAR)

Wireless and Network Technologies (WNT)