2022 BOG Election

2023 Candidates Bios (coming soon)

IEEE Consumer Technology Society Board of Governors Call for Nominations 2022

Candidate nominations are now being accepted for the 2023 IEEE Consumer Technology Society annual elections ballot for the Board of Governors (BOG) positions to serve as Members at Large for a three year term, starting January 1, 2024.

In accordance with the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Bylaws, nominations may be made by the IEEE CTSoc BoG or the Nominations and Elections (N&E) Committee or by petition by individual voting members of the IEEE CTSoc. A nomination supported by signatures of 2% of the eligible voting members of the IEEE CTSoc (i.e. excluding those of students and affiliates) in good standing (i.e. dues paid) will be automatically put on the ballot as stated by the IEEE CTSoc Bylaws.

Candidates who plan to run should contact the N&E Committee Chair Dr Wahab Almuhtadi (e-mail: almuhtadi@ieee.org) and Charlotte Kobert, IEEE Consumer Technology Society Administrator (email: charlotte.kobert@ieee.org) when the nominations process opens, IEEE member number, and IEEE grade. Nominees must have approval of their organizations or employers to actively participate in the IEEE CTSoc BoG meetings and contribute to its activities. Board member duties include attending one face to face Board meeting per year, and other board meetings via an on-line meeting as determined by the IEEE Consumer Technology Society President. They should also participate in the IEEE CTSoc Committees, which require some personal effort and time and email communications. Nominees must be full or higher grade members of the IEEE and members of the Consumer Technology Society of good standing. Elected members must serve a three-year term commencing January 1, 2024.

All candidates willing to run and serve are required to submit to the N&E Committee the following material for inclusion in the ballot:

  1. Technical and Professional Experience summary, not to exceed 150 words in length, describing the nominee's professional experience outside the IEEE and CTSoc activities.
  2.  Summary of the candidate's current and past service to the IEEE and the CTSoc, not to exceed 150 words in length.
  3. A high-resolution digital photograph of the candidate taken within 1 year of April 1, 2022.
  4. Statement of candidacy, not to exceed 150 words in length.

The 2022 election process runs from April until September. A detailed timeline, as specified by the IEEE CTSoc Bylaws, is as follows:

  • By 30 April - Nominations Committee shall call for nominations from the Society membership in a Society-wide printed publication and an email (or e-newsletter). The announcement will also include the procedure for submission of nominations by petition.
  • 1 June - Extension: June 15 - Closing date for acceptance of nominations.
  • 2 June - Nominations committee starts review process. Candidates will be scored using a Rubric developed by the Nominations Committee.
  • 15 June - Nominations by Petition accepted.
  • 30 June - Closing date for Nominations by Petition.
  • 1 July - Nominations Committee to provide names and biographical sketches to TAB for preparation, mailing and tallying of ballots. Names of nominations and any petition candidates should be supplied, consistent with the TAB Operations Manual Section 4.2.
  • Last week of July - Election begins.
  • First week of Sept - Election ends.
  • 10 Sept - Results available.

The CTSoc Bylaws and Constitutions are available for you to browse at the society website:


Contacts for information about the election process:

Wahab Almuhtadi, Chair, Nominations and Elections committee, IEEE Consumer Technology Society (e-mail: almuhtadi@ieee.org) and Charlotte Kobert, IEEE Consumer Technology Society Administrator (e-mail: charlotte.kobert@ieee.org).