Rajeev Ranjan

rajeev ranjanRajeev Ranjan, affiliated as an associate technical fellow at Boeing, has been engaged in a wide variety of research projects in power and analog electronics, such as power supplies, displays, and cabin systems for airworthy applications. Prior to Boeing, he had a long career at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as a research scientist. His team at ISRO designed and developed India's first electric ion thruster for satellite applications. He also assisted ISRO in the development of standard power supplies in order to meet the maximum number of satellite power requirements. He also led the team in developing an autonomous battery charger for geostationary satellites, where charging has been done manually until now. He served as the secretary and a member of the Consumer Power and Energy Technical Committee, IEEE Consumer Technology Society (IEEE CTSoc) [2021-Present], and as a member and reviewer for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) [2020-Present]. He has contributed to seven chapters of Boeing Design Practices and is the inventor of one registered patent with three pending applications in the fields of power electronics and analog circuit design. He has more than eight technical publications in IEEE and other journals.