Gordana Velikic

Gordana Vgordana velikicelikic got her PhD and MSc in Engineering diplomas from the University of Rochester, USA, and her MSc in biomedical engineering and BS from the University of Belgrade and Faculty of Technical Sciences at the Univ. of Novi Sad, Serbia respectively. She served as an associate technical director at the Center for Future Health, University of Rochester, and is a research scientist at the ECE Department, Univ. of Rochester, USA. She joined the RT-RK team as a scientific director for nine years, and currently she is in charge of science programs at Biocell. She has experience in the areas of sensors, nonlinear dynamics, digital signal processing, musical acoustics, digital audio, biomedical signals, and electromagnetic, clinical research, and technology transfer. In the Center for Future Health, she was involved in the development, implementation, and commercialization of biomedical devices. She was a team member in seven research projects funded by USA corporations and national funds, seven H2020 projects, and a technical leader in seven projects. She has over 100 publications, which include lectures, keynotes, tutorials, and patents. She serves as VP of Education at the IEEE CTSoc Board of Governors and is chairing the IEEE CTSoc CEA committee. She was a general chair of the IEEE ICCE-BERLIN 2017, 2019, & 2020, and is a founder and general chair for the first five years of Zooming Innovations in Consumer Technology Conference(ZINC), tutorial chair ICCE LasVegas 2020 and 2021, associate editor at IEEE TCE, and CEMag.