Special Interests Groups

IEEE CTSoc's SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
IEEE CTSoc has SIG’s based on new exciting CT (Consumer Technologies) areas. The SIG’s will help in IEEE CTSoc specialized technical collaboration of the SIG’s specialty areas, as well as help CTSoc’s conferences, seminars, tutorials, etc. Each SIG needs one Chair and up to two Co-Chairs and many active members. The Chair and Co-Chair positions are for a term of 2 years. A Chair can be reappointed as Chair of the SIG one additional time (i.e., total of 2 terms maximum). A Co-Chair can be reappointed as Co-Chair of the SIG three additional times (i.e., total of 4 terms maximum). The following nine SIGs were approved by the IEEE CTSoc BoG (Board of Governors) on Sept. 4, 2020.


1. AI, Big Data & Cloud Computing (ABC)
- Chair Prof. Supavadee Aramvith (Supavadee.A@chula.ac.th, started Sep. 23, 2020)
2. Art, Advertisement, Design & Display (AD2)  
3. IoT, Mobile & Vehicular (IMV)
4. Maker Group (MKR)
5. Smart Education & Training (SET)
6. Smart Factory & Automation (SFA)
7. Standards & Open Technology (SOT)
8. Safety, Security & Reliability (SSR) 
9. White Goods & Home Appliances (WHA)

Proposals (with a resume and action plans) for Chairs and Co-Chairs of these SIGs are welcomed. In addition, more SIGs can be created (based on the proposal’s review and approval), so SIG proposals are welcomed to be submitted. Please send all SIG, Chair, and Co-Chair related requests and proposals to the CTSoc VP of Membership (Jong-Moon) JM Chung at jmc@yonsei.ac.kr. Thank you for your interest and participation in IEEE CTSoc.