Organizing a Chapter Meeting

Identify a Topic

Select a Location and Date

Locate a place where you can hold your chapter meeting.  The best locations for chapter meetings are local companies who have employees that are IEEE members.  You can ask your section committee for a report listing all local members and their employers.  Ask your local members if their company would be willing to offer use of a meeting room.  If possible, arrange to use the room on the same day and time every month.

Find a Speaker

There are three goods ways to find presenters:

  1. Faculty/researchers at local universities.
  2. Local companies with new innovations.  
  3. Arrange for a CE Society distinguished lecturer to make a presentation.

Your local member list can also help you identify potential presenters.


Meeting Announcement

If you don't already have a web site and email mailing list for your local chapter you can set one up for free through the IEEE. Setting up a new mailing list instructions are here.  Setting up a new website instructions are here.  

Keep it short. Also use the IEEE E-Notices to distribute information electronically to many IEEE members in the area


Useful Tips

Arrive at the meeting early (at least by 6:30 for a 7 pm meeting) to put out the coffee and cookies, greet the speaker, and help set up the equipment.

At the start of the meeting, announce the next meeting and introduce the speaker.   Initiate the applause at the end of the presentation and ask (if the speaker didn't) for questions from the audience.   Thank the speaker in the presence of the audience and give him/her a certificate with IEEE Logo or a small gift.    

Optional, but appreciated:  Provide Cookies, pizzas, coffee, or lunch.