CTSoc Call for Nominations

# 1: IEEE Consumer Technology Society Board of Governors Call for Nominations 2023







Running a Hybrid Conferece from our Experts in Taiwan

1. Five parallel sessions are executed at the same time.
2. A session may contain on-site and on-line presentations.
3. All on-line presentation authors must send their videos or PPT with narration in
advance (one week before). Then the we can play the file on the host
computer of the on-site session room.
4. As long as there is one on-site presentation, at least one chair must be at the
session room as well.
5. We adopt Zoom to run all sessions (Zoom Webinar for keynote sessions, and
Zoom Meeting for oral sessions). And we send the links of Zoom sessions to all
participants before the conference.
6. On-site presentations are also recorded by Zoom. All of the overseas participants
are required to login into the Zoom sessions based on the time table for
7. Three keynote speakers called on-line. One speaker is from US-Seattle and his
presentation is in the afternoon (Taipei time). It is OK for him to call in at AM 1:00
– 2:00, US (PDT time). The other two keynote speakers are from Japan. The time
difference is only one hour.
8. Only a few authors are from Europe and USA. They called in on time for the
9. In the on-site session room, there are two computers with running Zoom system:
One (presenter computer) is used as the interface of the presenter and the other
one (host computer) is used to monitor the situation of the on-line session. Thus,
the staff member can monitor/control the status in the Zoom system.
10. We requested all the online presenters to add their session number in front of
their names (e.g. B4-2 Wen-Chung Kao). Thus, we can check the attendance
and report to the chair before the session starts.
11. E-poster is used for overseas poster presentations.
12. The general chair developed an AR system. Thus, we can present the plaque to
keynote speaker virtually.